general questions or topics about the DAC

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general questions or topics about the DAC

Post by MaddieVeale on Mon May 09, 2016 1:23 pm

This is the advisory group for Wyndham 2040 Community Plan.  The Wyndham 2040 Vision and the Wyndham West District Plan are the guides we’ll use in our conversation

Purpose in Terms of Reference:
• Provide advice and input to help ensure that the goals and actions in District Plans reflect the priority needs and aspirations of the communities in that district.  
• Receive reports on the progress of District Plans and contribute to the development of new District Plans.  
• Facilitate communication between Council and broader district communities in relation to District Plans.

Draft District Plan Update 2016/17  
Actions in district plans cover a 4 year period.  This update is for actions planned in the upcoming financial year.  Council will do more work over the coming years to link community priorities/District Plans with Council planning.  This group will be instrumental in how this happens.    

Give opportunity to:
• Ask questions
• Identify gaps
• Hear about what the community is doing
• How can we work together?
• What do you want to learn more about?


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